BlackStar Engineering has innovated and operated in virturally all aspects of cutting edge audio-visual media, including production, distribution and exhibition, in every technology that has become mainstream. Here are some of the areas of expertise that BlackStar can draw upon to contribute to your enterprise's success.
Expert Testimony and Advice

Copyright, Patent and Contract disputes are constants that must be dealt with and BlackStar has had winning experiences in each of these disciplines working alongside world class legal teams.

Strategies in New Media

With increasing frequency new methods of distribution to consumers are being fielded. Some are alternative methods to deliver existing content forms and some open the opportunity to create new experiences entirely. BlackStar has been involved in both types of efforts and can act as an advisor or a partner.

Transactional Advice and Representation

With years of experience in engineering innovation and negotiating agreements in spacecraft design, transponder leasing, playout and uplink facilities and national fiber networks, BlackStar offers advisory or deal-making services.

Legislative and Regulatory Activity

Government plays a key role in most components of any audio-visual enterprise. BlackStar has experience in developing and prosecuting strategies at the FCC, the Congress and with the Administration.

Large Scale and Unique Audio-Visual Operations

Scalable and reliable operations, organically tuned to the tasks at hand, are crucial to the long-term health of any audio-visual enterprise. "One size fits all" cookie-cutter approaches are often inefficient and unresponsive. BlackStar has experience in facilities from startups to some of the most massive operations found in the world and can advise on tailoring such plans to the specific needs of the enterprise.

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